Hydraulic Elevator
Domestic, commercial, and electric passenger hydraulic elevators are offered in varied specifications. Being hydraulic, there is no need of a head room, a deep pit and conventional well / room.
Hospital Elevator
Made from stainless steel and other material, these hospital elevators are ideal for passengers as well as stretchers. Have wide internal space, the load capacity range is from 1000 kg to 1500 kg.

Car Elevator
Having 2.5 meter of door opening size and 1.6 meter of pit depth, our car elevators are ideal for carrying cars. The load capacity range of these automobile elevator is 2000 kg to 5000 kg.
Goods cum Passenger lift
Also known as freight elevator and cargo lift, our series of material handling elevators are popular for their configurations of VVVF drive type, 10 db of noise level and load carrying capacity of 50 kg to 5000 kg.
Dumbwaiter Lifts
These dumbwaiter lifts are electrically operated and are perfect for residential & commercial use. For household purposes, the weight capacity of lifts is 45 kg to 90 kg and for commercial, higher weight range is required.
Elevator Panel
Panels and COP are two types of elevator parts offered by us. The panels are durable and dust resistant. Further, these are LED based which gives clear visibility under all working conditions.

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